Growth Hackers vs Growth Samurais

A growth hacker is a person that is great at identifying and executing tactics that will optimize a sales funnel. They can:

  • Find opportunities that drive traffic to their product
  • Generate leads by incentivising their customer to share personal information or show buying intent. 
  • Convert leads to sales
A growth hacker is very tactical and will do wonders in a startup. 

A Growth Samurai is a person that can grow an operation beyond the startup phase. A Growth Samurai can perform the tactical functions of a growth hacker but has the adeptness to go beyond the startup phase and manage a growing enterprise. 

Many startup founders are very good at startups but lack the skills to transition into a strategic management role once the company outgrows them. A Growth Samurai has the strategic proficiency to manage a growing enterprise. 

A Growth Samurai can: 
  • Position an organization within a competitive landscape
  • Create processes for growth (as opposed to executing on growth hacking tactics)
  • Create a culture within an organization that incentivizes sustainable growth 
  • Make difficult organizational decisions  
All Growth Samurais are growth hackers but not all growth hackers are Growth Samurais. 


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