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Not All Growth is Created Equal

To a Growth Samurai, growth is a meaningless term unless is it preceded by an adjective. A Growth Samurai is looking for:

Organic GrowthSustainable GrowthProfitable Growth Organic Growth
Organic growth is the strongest indicator that you are doing something right. If traffic numbers or sales are growing disproportionally faster than your sales efforts it means that your sales efforts are getting more efficient. This can mean that you are getting positive word-of-mouth, that your marketing content is getting social engagement or being ranked on search engines or that you are retaining your customers.
Sustainable Growth Growing sustainable means that you are growing your business without having to finance it externally. Almost all startups require funding in the early stages of the lifecycle but eventually, they will need to become sustainable and able to grow using internal resources.
Profitable Growth The ultimate goal of any business is to create wealth. A company won't create wea…

Growth Hackers vs Growth Samurais

A growth hacker is a person that is great at identifying and executing tactics that will optimize a sales funnel. They can:

Find opportunities that drive traffic to their productGenerate leads by incentivising their customer to share personal information or show buying intent. Convert leads to sales A growth hacker is very tactical and will do wonders in a startup. 
A Growth Samurai is a person that can grow an operation beyond the startup phase. A Growth Samurai can perform the tactical functions of a growth hacker but has the adeptness to go beyond the startup phase and manage a growing enterprise. 
Many startup founders are very good at startups but lack the skills to transition into a strategic management role once the company outgrows them. A Growth Samurai has the strategic proficiency to manage a growing enterprise. 
A Growth Samurai can:  Position an organization within a competitive landscapeCreate processes for growth (as opposed to executing on growth hacking tactics)Create a…